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brown, white diamond, olive green, linen burgundy hot pink, turquoise, sapphire blue, a jump that. lavender feel, purple orchid, some of the newer colors. lemongrass colonial blue cognac my gosh. i do not know which one i love better. navy, emerald green, great for the holiday season. steel gray. you will smile when you open your closet. young adults canary yellow ruby red. ruby red, i will bet that is going like hot cakes. >>host: we are down to a few hundred of each choice. whether it is chrome or brass, that is the color hook, and then take hair color. you do need to decide because we will start losing colors. --hanger color. if your first choice sells out they are all obviously fabulous to go to your next color. if you have your heart set on a color you should call now. >>guest: the ruby red with the chrome hooks. the silver bag if you get with the brass hooks the gold. just choose your color how simple?--gold bag. it used to be a day if it was 36 hangers it would6 c13 $36. it would not even the bag. make no mistake about the value.the velvet drawstring and the metallic.
: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from ohio. mr. brown: thank you, madam president. i ask unanimous consent to dispense with the quorum call. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. brown: i ask unanimous consent to speak as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. browp brown i rise t member rigt -- as a result of a brants's comument to working together, an unused farm field will soon cultivate the next area of brian area baseball plashings supporting sportsmanship. this new indoor field in williams' county honors the lightest of a young ohioan. david betz would have been 26 on december 10 this year, the day this field will open for members of the entire bryan community. david was the beloved son of john and joy betz. he died in a march 2007 motor 13 coach accident along with other members of the bluffton university baseball team in atlanta, georgia, on the way to spring training. he was a graduate of bryan high school. after this tragedy, john and joy betz married a promise that their son's death and the loss of four other
: the color on the bed is the mocha brown it is absolutely gorgeous but we also have it available in the light blue and look at the shade. the light blue is all like chris collar with the town on town in6 c13 detail and we also have been in the crisp is fantastic for gift- giving and you do not know what color to get. marlo is a wine color and have it available in this change sage and in the ivory color. about as any size sheet you are coin to get in detail their rounds ahold with of the bed and it is all in braided and by the way what we did is the reverse c13 a double so that you do not have the loose threads and if we want it to save money we would not have the double backing on the other side.the sheets are durable when you pull-on out of the washing machine and dryer and when you have company weback and for me in the most important thing is having the sheets to act i have held in the house. it looks like i someone press the sheets and i absolutely love them and i was truly only a cotton sheet user. i have to tell you shannon i love the feel of flannel but it is too heavy and i love the
the color confucian happened. the coffee is the dark brown and i want to show you side-by-side the difference. looks like chocolate diamonds there and then here is the cocoa and this is your champagne. really have side 6 in the cocoa. that is all we have then been you have the coffee here is sure beautiful blue, that is pretty and how about the red ? i will tell you look right off the red is the most rare, a coveted of the colored diamond so if you are fancy diamonds, if you weren't looking for the rest of you want to go for their bread. all look them, they are just beautiful and sparkly and lustrous and they are justgoing to catch light and is a what is interesting is that is not to the victorian era because they did not set of both of all of that good stuff and lots about gold jewelry and at this same time, it is and in contemporary. it is a ring that you will wear day in day out and notice the wi dthand that ring. we do have sizes 5- 10 on all above except for the cocoa. only a champagne color. 31 points total in a customer pick with over 330 reviews and it is a ri
, you're sitting there brown, showing a team one and you are staying warm and to look right here, we were talking earlier who though the fish have necks, 210 yds to say and he is coming for the paris. >>guest: he is. said it may be the beginning of the and for us. but you have faith. >>guest: the bears are one of the stance of will always show up in the packers the mud is a strong division, look at the lead of the thatcher and it appears right in. is he the stadium arrowhead stadium in one of the great places i played my career the fans their awesomeof the goddess stadium i've been in one of the things cinquain day it is they are die-hard fans in kansas. >>host: of the passionate, lack of fan base in we will see, we will take care of every single scene of their we want it to have something special. if you will pick up one piece of merchandise and if you are going to join the football fan shop, try it out but this is the one to do it very different for $40 to get a 60 80 sure 0 throw, we should call them like it's because of this size they can be the perfect blanket for the edge
with it is a gorgeous brown, unaccented with the ivory or the other colors we have available which is blue marlowe and white. allegra buffington this year, joining us from highgate, a beautiful pieces at amazing prices. >>guest: 3 to see you. >>guest: s time of day because a lot of people are in bed and not happy with the way the betting fils we have an opportunity for you not only to surround yourself with luxury but to have a fabric that is so easy to care for microfiber is known for durability, softness having the brush handles like peach stand up against your skin and yet taken it to the next level by adorning it but the beautiful, tone tone embroidered him only under pillowcases but on your top sheet as well. it goes all the way out around the pillowcase in the surf at a price of twoses at a store and we are selling all sizes all through california king hundred $33. my personal story always love cotton sheets but when i was presented with these to take them home and try for myself, i found that this was the tactile quality of what c13 felt from flannel, soft brash but for me that is not w
brown and the black. we not only we added a fifth boat link-- faux edge,. in a >>host: is a to be loaded sent to the kids inc13 have it movement into assisted living,ush and light weight, they are good for every season we call them year round decision day our customer pick an hsn it is the my protect fabric with 300 refused making a big customer, that- he's been shot of confidence in you are getting the luxurious, soft and incredibly wonderful wrap yourself around experience but this is the blanket that you will wrap yourself around and stayed wrapper around all day long. >>guest: all want to take this to the bed because of white to show you how this goes in to convey that, i do kind of have to see as open this up because what i think is different about this blanket i definitely is something you to fill for yourself that it is so plush and a few seek micro plushin retell, i want to tell you the differences we use a premium plash it is thicker than what you see out in the discount stores weight so it will work like has the great fibers on both sides, it does give you
it and it is available we it like it. and i think we have most of the colorsnd ivory is gone, brown and camels sold out but hold on, i will announcehere could be spoken for, thank you for your calls and now, we do have a time not to take and when we come back, i will get you the information on my dress one more time but we do have a time out and we will be welcoming the fabulous designer extraordinary be sharing this bill to gemstone reset and i do hope that you will stay tuned for that and then of 15 it minutes, state and they're not 99 $9 or nine $89, wait until you see the value of these gorgeous hearings and the sparkle like nobody's business, they're comfortable, classy, and what my favorite thing about them isamazingly flattering they are, they're so flattering short hair long what ever shaped face, there are so pretty. that is coming up in 15 minutes and more goodies in store and the designers gather a gift event will continue after this. [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [reading] >>host: the lovely valerie and i are modeling for you might wine and dina dress, if
with a little bit of the lemon, the vanilla your heavy sugar, brown sugar.that is what you will be smiling.it is delicious--sme . these are great as a teacher gift you get 2 these come might get one and the gift one. (...) this says family. did decorate gingerbread houses? >>host: know.3 >>guest: this is what i do with daughters every year, it feels like the holidays. the fragranced along with the proper lighting and music cozy the proper ambiance in your home--create the proper ambiance in your home. it >>host: a few what the holiday fragrance, something in your home to take you through you can get just one of these or it is okay to have a different fragrance as it transforms you through the house. if you mountain pine, you like pomegranate cider and mandarin cranberries they can blend it together in the open platform. jasmin blossom for a feminine woman. if you like of the 83 fragrances, you can go wrong with the vanilla cupcake. or gingerbread. please give us a phone call we do have some much now we check in with guy yovan for the spot like itspotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: than
settlement. and thanks to the efforts of senator hatch, senator stabenow, rockefeller, brown, and others, this bill includes strong measures to ensure russia complies with w.t.o. obligations and that the administration enforces them. this legislation also includes the sergei mag it in i ask rule of law accountability act to help fight you human rights abuseness russia. in 1974, senator jackson and congressman charlie vannederynennic teamed together to pass legislation called the jackson-vanik bill which this legislation repeals. jackson-vanik addressed one of the biggest human rights abuses in russia at that time, and it succeeded. for the last 0 years, jews have been able to freely emigrate from russia with -- what jackson-vanik was trying to address. jackson-vanik therefore is outdated, jewish emigration from russia is no longer an issue. senator cardin has courageously pushed the magnitsky legislation for years and i commend his efforts. the magnitsky provisions in this legislation address one of the biggest human rights abuseness russia today. the bill would pun you are those respons
and doctors perplexed. the roadsides firmly flush with bushes and wildflowers for now brown and the third as the swept by fire. here and there in mysterious white powder clung to the rooftops and lay in the gutters of the houses in the town, deadly traces of something that followed? know from the skies on the weeks before and everywhere was an ominous quiet, a silence the close of the town is surrounded to the living world is the area had become in tune. it was a strange stillness. the birds, for example, where they can't? many people spoke of them, puzzled and disturbed. the feeding stations and factories were deserted. a few birds seen anywhere were moribund. they trembled violently and could not fly. it was a spring without voices. on the morning that once job with the dawn chorus of robbins, does come the jays, friends, scores of other purposes is now no sound, only silence lay over the fields and woods in the marsh. in the space of just 10 paragraphs come at "the new yorker" combined them into three, carson had written a story at the end of the world. book reader in 1962 could fail t
on that. this is a beautiful brown trees the brain, this is linda drusy and that is where they card are around the natural and it forms and the host rock and that is for you get pop they perry said this is like little gems-- pave you can see how it will twinkled and a light, to color choices, and the black, we have this and the black diamond but we are calling this platinum and the other color forest and the forest, really does have greens but it does also havelue, purple, and still to show you look at the beautiful colors, their sparkling and this is forest drusy, and as you turn it a little bit, you can see where you are getting all of this play of color this a little treasure chest and you are looking down a treasure chest for it all with the jewels have collected inside and it is so gorgeous and this is a customer pick up a high price it is never been this low. out, this is not coming back and there is a couple of hundred if you do the doctors say that we do, this is your chanceab it and you can see valerie, how pretty that is on your middle finger, ring finger, however you want
, brown of massachusetts, portman, ayotte, collins, gramm, cornyn, and vitter. mr. reid: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: i move to proceed to h.r. 6516, which is the russia moll did a have a trade agreement. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the motion. the clerk: motion to proceed to calendar number 552, h.r. 6156, an act to authorize the extension of nondiscriminatory treatment, normal trade relations treatment, to products of the russian federation and moldova and to require reports on the compliance of the russian federation with its obligations as a member of the world trade organization and for other purposes. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from -- mr. mccain: i thank the -- the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. mr. mccain: i would like to thank the majority leader for his patience in allowing this legislation to be completed. i would note that there was 145 amendments, and many recorded votes and good debate and discussion over very important issues, and i thank the majority leader for allow
it.i love the blue with brown and that is a fresh look even in the winter you could wear this with the cream turtleneck. this could be worn like a scarf. some of you like to put around your neck and feed it throw you can locket behind a gemstone so it will not tokyo.-- not choke you.i like this piece it can do so many things. or you could wrap this around the front and wear it like a choker dept. >>host: we can show this on the model she is wearing levitt style. a lane from new york is shopping elaine we hear you live in herkimer county >>caller: am originally from herkimer county >>guest: so cool, this is a little bit of home for you >>caller: yes. exactly. are a very good value. i already have tennis bracelet and a necklace that i bought last year >>guest: you are completing your set, a good for you >>host: you are lucky to get the bracelet it went so fast a lot of us miss that. are you thrilled to get your >>caller: :yes i am >>guest: good for you that now you what will have the whole ensemble you will be sparkling >>caller: i also got something last night
the color because it is it odd color. >>guest: you can wear black, brown. we are saving the leopard. and i will probably get another pair or two. >>guest: we will have a good price on that, stay tuned. >>host: would you recommend this to anybody looking for great leggings? >>caller: of course. what is that pink color? >>guest: it is called merlot >>caller: i like that. i where these to my reggae club. --wear these to my ireggae club. jim. >>host: think he'll then decked, goodbye. we have shiny black, shiny and the platinum and that great. at a 205-242.deasy stretch, easy to care and 205-367 is your item number, we have more to get to. we are now checking in with colleen lopez and the today's special and we want to tell you how easy it is to apply for the hsn charge card. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: hello everybody, how are you this but it will be afternoon and about 16 minutes prepared. if you fellleep and were not here at midnight, we have the most amazing today's special. these are half a billion years old. bees are c
what the opposing side is really saying, i think, is chris brown what we really wanted to have and may be too late. they really still want it. they want to have -- [inaudible] that's what everybody really believed in middle eastern studies is that you're going have the model. you're going have enlightened. the author begannism that grew out of the fashionist young turk movement in the late empire. they were going establish and enlighten and create a new liberalism that eventually would democrat democratic in the middle east. and that you would take the faithful and take and more or less cast them off and replace them. and at the end of the long process muslims would be basically us. well, you know,let look at turkey. that hasn't exactly turned out so well. .. or their successors will be there. we know that's the most liberal model. in the arab world, where we hope that kemal is somewhat come out, they should dictatorship, the kings who relay command at the end of that process is still also still not even get close to that. but have been in the arab world is dictatorship produced societ
rail authority. governor brown is as committed as governor and the country to this project which obviously is very. we also have a committed assembling california but had to take a vote to sell the bottom. the house and senate in california voted for this project. you'll know they represent the people in california in the assembly, in sacramento. so at the very top leadership in california, we have people supporting this that we need to support it. we also have several companies talking with the governor and his staff in the high-speed rail authority about investing in california. we know this project cannot or will not be built with total federal dollars. we don't have enough money here to do that. we need private investment. >> that's what i'm trying to lean towards this it appears there is a commitment. we party committed 39% of the $10 million, which be sufficient for the first leg. the first leg is the easy part of it because again it doesn't serve metropolitan areas. the expensive part and more difficult parties down the road and now we'll take a commitment from future cong
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